From time to time, a new product suddenly appears, and is promoted as a miraculous alternative to standard medical treatment. Most of the time, the claims are founded on a few poorly documented cases of alleged cures, and driven by nothing but a promoter’s greed or ignorance.

It is easy to understand how a person undergoing treatment for a disease that is life threatening, may be tempted to pursue anything that guarantees a cure. Those who succumb to the temptation run the risk of disappointment, or medically disastrous results.

If you find yourself considering an unproven therapy, particularly if it is at the exclusion of a proven method, do yourself a favor: discuss your thoughts with your physician.

Tips for Spotting False Claims

• The product is advertised as a quick and effective cure-all for a wide range of ailments.

• The promoters use words like “scientific breakthrough”, “miraculous cure”, “exclusive product”, “secret ingredient” or “ancient remedy.”

• The promoter claims the government, the medical profession or research scientists have conspired to suppress the product.

• The advertisement includes undocumented cases claiming amazing results.

• The product is advertised as available from only one source, and payment is required in advance.

• The promoter promises a no-risk “money-back guarantee.”

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